Scoring Instructions for the Geriatric Depression Scale

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Check your answers against this scoring guide to count your total "negative"responses. You have an "negative" response if you answered the question in the same way as listed below.


A score of 1 - 10 is considered "normal."  Seek mental health advice and treatment only if you are troubled by your symptoms.


A score of 11 - 20 is considered an indication of some depressive symptoms.  You should share this result with your physician and may wish to seek advice from a mental health professional.


A score of 21 - 31 is usually indicative of clinical depression.  You should have an evaluation by a mental health professional to determine your diagnosis and treatment.

1. NO

2. YES

3. YES

4. YES

5. NO

6. YES

7. NO

8. YES

9. NO

10. YES

11. YES

12. YES

13. YES

14. YES

15. NO

16. YES

17. YES

18. YES

19. NO

20. YES

21. NO

22. YES

23. YES

24. YES

25. YES

26. YES

27. NO

28. YES

29. NO

30. NO