Catherine Selth Spayd, Ph.D., P.C.

Licensed Psychologist

Patient Information

Welcome to Psychotherapy

Your progress in psychotherapy is based, in part, upon a good therapeutic relationship with me.
Good relationships are grounded in open communication and require each person to be honest with the other, to avoid misunderstandings. This page details information about appointments, fees,
insurance coverage, telephone availability and other "nuts and bolts" matters of my practice.
After reading this page, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. The process
of psychotherapy is most effective when you discuss any issues which are on your mind, even if
they seem difficult to talk about, or unrelated to your primary concern. If doubts persist regarding our work together, I will be happy to assist you in obtaining consulation with another provider.


Initial evaluation sessions are scheduled for one hour. Thereafter, therapy sessions are
generally scheduled for 45 to 50 minute sessions, once weekly. Other arrangements may be made to fit your needs. You will get the most from your sessions if you are on time, If you're late, the bill
will be the same as for a full session. Your therapy will be most effective if we meet
regularly, at the time we set aside. I realize that emergencies may, on rare occasions, prevent
us from meeting. Please try to give as much advance notice as possible if you won't be able to
make your appointment. Because I set aside this time for you and cannot offer it to other
patients without adequate notice, I will bill you for the appointments you miss without 24 hours
notice, except in emergencies. Your insurance company policy may override this policy.


My fees are $145.00 for an initial evaluation session, $100.00 for each subsequent 50 - minute
session of individual psychotherapy, psychological testing, report writing or other professional
service, and $40.00 for each 75 - minute group psychotherapy session. Please pay your fee, any
deductible, or co - payment at the end of each session; make checks payable to "C.S. Spayd,
Ph.D.". If you are having financial problems which make it difficult to pay for your
psychotherapy, please tell me. Generally, we can work together to resolve this problem. If you
don't pay your bill and choose not to discuss this issue with me, I will not be able to schedule
any further sessions until the bill is paid.

Health Care Insurance

Our office does submit insurance claims for Medicare and managed care programs. For others, you are asked to pay at the time of service, then submit the statement I will provide you with each month to your insurance company. Many policies cover some of the costs of psychological
services, but most have annual limits, co-payments, or other limits. To determine these
limitations, you should read your policy carefully, or consult your insurance carrier. Insurance
companies don't pay for missed sessions, and usually not for telephone therapy.

Telephone Messages

Most of my work time is spent in sessions with my patients. Therefore, I am often not available
to personally answer your call. Please leave a confidential message on my answering machine, with
your name, phone number(s) at which you may be reached that day, what times, and a brief
message. I will return your call as soon as possible, usually within that day.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call:

Altoona Hospital Mental Health Crisis Line, at 946-2141


PathWays Mental Health Programs for Older Adults, at 949-4260

The Facility

Duscansville Professional Center is located in downtown Duncansville on Third Avenue, between 8th and 9th Streets. There is private parking behind the building. Amtran's Route 8 Bus, serving
Hollidaysburg and Altoona, has a stop directly across the street. The building is handicapped
accesssible. No smoking is permitted inside. Please go to the directions page for more specific


Unless you permit me to release information to others by written consent, all of your work with
me, and even the fact that I see you remains fully confidential. By law and the ethical
guidelines of my profession, I am permitted to break this confidentiality only under limited
circumstances (for details, go to the
Consent Form for Psychological Treatment)

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