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Adult ADHD is fairly common, occurring in approximately 2.5% of the adult population.  Symptoms of adult ADHD include

  • inattentiveness (e.g. wandering off task, disorganization, and poorly sustained focus),
  • hyperactivity (e.g. extreme restlessness and excessive physical energy), and/or
  • impulsivity (e.g. making rapid and uninformed decisions and social intrusiveness.)  

These symptoms can negatively impact job performance and social relationships, thus significantly affecting the individuals’ quality of life.

An accurate diagnosis of ADHD in adults is sometimes difficult to determine, due to lack of school performance data and overlapping symptom presentations with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, substance abuse, and neurocognitive disorders. 

Dr. Spayd's psychological evaluation of ADHD is a two-session process consisting of a clinical interview and objective testing of intellectual abilities, attention abilities (including computerized continuous performance testing), and executive functioning, as well as testing for other psychiatric issues, when indicated. 

An evaluation report is then generated and provided to both the patient and the referring physician, if such permission is granted by the patient. The report is also reviewed with the patient at a third session, if he or she so desires. The evaluation report confirms or disputes the ADHD diagnosis, and/or identifies other psychological diagnoses as explanations for the patient’s symptom presentation. 

Diagnostic confirmation of ADHD may help an individual's physician determine whether or not ADHD or other psychotropic medications are clinically indicated.  Detailed behavioral recommendations for the adult ADHD patient are also offered; some patients may choose to be referred to a psychologist for ongoing psychotherapy to continue work on such behavioral strategies.

The cost of these services is covered by most health insurance plans.

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